Pre Party: Inside Piston’s Bar,


 Saturday Sept. 2nd From 5-12 pm




The Royal Hounds


Harry Fontana & the Tennessee Tone Boys


 Hillbilly Casino



Featuring:  Hillbilly Casino from (9-12 PM)

In a town known more for generating pop country “hat acts” and contemporary Christian music, there is a storm brewing. Small independent bands with no management, booking, record labels (or even local media support) are changing the way people think about Nashville, Tennessee.
One of the leaders of this movement is the Hillbilly Casino, the brain child of Nic Roulette, former singer for Indiana rockabilly powerhouse, “The Blue Moon Boys”. In 2004 Roulette moved to Nashville, where after about a year he eventually found a solid core of top notch players that were interested in really being a band. With bassist Geoff Firebaugh (BR5-49), guitarist Ronnie Crutcher (Tabasko Kat, Brian Setzer’s Nashvillains) and drummer Andrew Dickson (Brian Setzer’s Nashvillains), things really started to come together. What started as nothing more than a revved up rockabilly band playing for tips at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn, on Nashville’s famed Lower Broadway, has turned into a closet industry doing over 200 shows a year.
Though you might still find the Casino playing at Layla’s when they’re home, they’ve taken their show on the road as well. Theatres, clubs, and backwater bars from Hollywood, California to Bergen, Norway, have seen the boys roll in, set up, and lay waste to any and all in attendance, Whether they’re in some small club on their own, or supporting acts like the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Rancid or The Reverend Horton Heat, these boys can play on any stage, in front of any audience, and own it. In December 2006, the Hillbilly Casino opened several dates for the Brian Setzer Orchestra, and every night this virtually unknown (at the time) band received standing ovations, and had new fans lining up to get their debut CD “Sucker Punched”.
Now they’ve got three full length CD’s under their belt. “Sucker Punched” (Dec. 2006), “Three Step Windup” (April 2008) and “Hang Your Stockings… Say Your Prayers” the band’s Christmas CD (Nov. 2008). Each one totally DIY, produced and engineered by Firebaugh and Dickson and recorded in Andrew Dickson’s garage, lovingly known as “Studio D”. Each CD blends elements of honkytonk, rockabilly, psychobilly, and straight up rock and roll. Every member of the Hillbilly Casino brings their own special flavor to the band, from Nic’s background in hip hop and rockabilly, to Geoff’s love of old school punk rock and ska, and you’ll find elements of all of this in every Hillbilly Casino record and show. 2008 also saw the release of “Buy-in” a full length documentary by Doug Farrar at Rockstep Creative. Doug followed the band around for over a year, attending dozens of shows, and collecting performance, and interview footage, which he compiled into a revealing look at a band just trying to make a living and have fun.
While you’ll see alot of bands sitting around waiting to get “signed”, the Hillbilly Casino took a cue from bands like Black Flag, Fugazi and Youth Brigade, booking their own tours, and producing and releasing their own CD’s and t-shirts, and spending hundreds of hours in their old grey Econoline van getting the rock ‘n’ roll out to the people. From thirty minute opening slots, to 3 and 4 hour marathon sets, these boys are gonna bring their “A” game and you’ll probably get tired before they do.

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Pre Party: Inside Piston’s Bar, Sept. 3, 11AM – 11PM

Featuring: Hot Rod Walt and the Psyco DeVilles (9-12PM)

Hot Rod Walt and the Psycho DeVilles was formed in 2002. They have released 7 CDs… “Out of the garage and onto the street”, “Psycho Cadillac”, “Supercharger”, “Night Prowler”, “Rockabilly Rodeo”, “Country Gold” and “Rock N Roll Life”. A new album is in the works and set to release in March 2016 titled “Motor Honey”. Hot Rod Walt takes pride in recording only original music and has over 200 original songs to his name. He also takes great pride in playing nothing but Gretsch guitars… Nothing else compares.
Hot Rod Walt shares the stage with two other talented and loyal musicians…Burford T. Ogletree on the Upright bass and Steve “Burnout” Barnett the hard hittin’ punk rock drummer that never runs out of energy.
Together the Psycho-DeVilles perform a super high energy show. Singing songs about hot rod cars and mean women.
In 2010, The Psycho-DeVilles had the pleasure of being a part of two TV shows including “Auction Kings” on the Discovery Channel where Hot Rod Walt auctioned off his Pink 1960 Cadillac and “Cafe’ Racer” where they brought him a custom built Cafe Racer motorcycle to test ride and build a story on the band.
In 2011 They sent HRW off to the famous Hawleywoods Barbershop for a story on the Pompadour.
In 2012 they made and featured a Music video of there song “Ton UP”.
In 2013 The Psycho-DeVilles were featured as the “Tennesee Three” in the Lifetime Movie “Ring of Fire” with Jewel and Matt Ross as Johnny Cash and June Carter.
The Psycho-DeVilles have toured the U.S. and Europe extensively and have been privileged to meet many fine and generous people, and have shared the stage with some of the absolute best musicians.

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