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Mini-Bike Parades

We advise you to register your minibike first thing when you arrive at the show. Cost is $10.00 and you must have a placard on every minibike on the grounds.

TO REGISTER: The registration tent will be between the Swap Meet and Camping parking lot 1.

Any and all Minibikes are allowed in the Parade. That means no scooters, no ATVs, no dirt bikes etc.

Cost to register each mini-bike will be $10.00. We will have a minibike parade on Friday at Noon. You must follow all rules for the parade.

Underage riders are fine, but we need an adult or guardian to fill out and sign your registration form if you are under 18. By signing your registration, it makes you fully liable for any and all responsibility for any accident. These are kept on file in case an emergency happens.

Eville Shindig or any of its sponsor partners as well as the Vanderburgh County 4H Fairgrounds are not responsible for any property damage or liability from any accident at any time. You take full responsibility when you sign the form.

If we catch you without a placard, we will ask you to register and get a placard. If you still do not, we will ask you to leave. We advise you to do this first thing when you arrive.

No Mini-Bikes are to be ridden after dark and all minibikes will be registered by an adult.

No mini-bikes are allowed on the show field inside the show field boundary at any time unless otherwise stated. These rules will be enforced.