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On-site camping set up begins for vintage and regular campers on Wednesday at 8AM (please verify dates on main page). If for some reason you show up early, even with reserved spaces, we will make you sit idle until the staff is finished with setup of the facility. Camping may set up on Thursday and Friday as well, we won’t turn you away as long as you get there by dark. We will allow Vintage camping pre-registered guests the opportunity to set up on Wednesday after 4PM only.

All website picked sites are subject to change for any reason at anytime. We Try hard to never move you from your reserved site. What this means is when you get to the show that specific spot you reserved may not be available or we moved you to accommodate your needs of access, electric, annoying neighbor, size of camper, style of camper ETC.

Register for the 2024 event below.

Vintage Camping Registration

These buttons will take you to an external website to register and pick your own campsites, Swap Meet spaces and Car Corral spaces indicated on the maps.



Vintage Camping

Vintage camping is for any camper, bus, etc. 1972 and older as well as any tow vehicle 1972 and older. Our camp sites are roughly 20'x20' and we have approximately 200 spots for reservation. They are first come first serve. Please enter through gate 2 for setup. If you have a cool camper that may fit the show but is newer in manufacture date, please send us a message and picture. Its possible we will accept it into the show.

Set up starts at 8AM on Wednesday October 16th. If for some reason you show up early, even with reserved spaces, we will make you leave until the staff is finished with setup. Because of this, please show up Thursday morning or Wednesday evening after 4pm if possible. The reason for this is the vintage camping area is within the show field boundary, and we would like to have everything set up before the show starts on Friday morning. The main gate will already be clogged with tons of cars trying to get in with a camper the day of the event, so it will be difficult. However, we know things happen so we will not turn you away if you have no other choice.

Vintage camping cost is $100.00 for the entire weekend. Most will have 110 electric but not guaranteed. With vintage camping you get one parking pass and one wristband, all other occupants 13 and older must buy wristbands for the weekend cost is $30.00 for the weekend. If your tow vehicle is vintage, we ask that you register it so that it can remain in the show field with your camper at no added extra cost. If your tow vehicle is newer and does not fit show criteria, we ask that you park it in the closest spectator parking area, or behind the Siam barn so no one can see it and its out of the way of pictures.

Extra wristbands are available when registering for $30.00 for the weekend. New for this year is a $10.00 Day Pass wristband only. The vintage camping area is for true vintage campers only, if for some reason you have a Reissue vintage camper look alike or Teardrop that looks vintage, we have a special section for those campers at the same price.

There will also be a contest with a trophy for the best vintage camper. Best vintage camper set up and best Halloween decoration trophies to be given out Saturday afternoon between 4-5PM in front of band barn. This includes best vintage camper, best vintage camper set up, and best Halloween decoration.



 Regular Camping

We have electric and some water for about 100 campers, 30amp at best. We do not guarantee electric or water but will do our best to get you plugged up.

Please Be mindful of your neighbors’ space, property and cars. Let’s all get along and have a great time.

Regular Non-amenity camping means that there is no electric or water guaranteed and the spot size varies. We have many available that are 40'x20' and some that are 50'x25'. This way, you can stay hooked up and not have to disconnect the tow vehicle. Non-amenity camp spots are $100.00 for the entire weekend. You get 1 wristband and 1 vehicle tag for the tow vehicle. We have approx. 1000 Reserved spots to start out with, and more to be added later if necessary.

All non-amenity camp spots are reservation only, you must go online to the site map and reserve those spots. Set up starts at 8am on Wednesday October 16th. No early setup.

Show up Thursday if possible, there will be no set up after dark on any day and we ask that all non-amenity have everything set up before the show starts on Friday morning.

Any other occupants that are 13 years of age and older will also need a wristband to be on the grounds all weekend, so please take advantage now and buy those wristbands early. Cost is $30.00 each.

Cost is $30.00 each. All vehicles but show vehicles must park in general spectator parking and come in gate 2 or 3. If you have the space to park your tow vehicle on your campsite you may do so, as long as it is not blocking fire lanes, traffic lanes or any other restricted areas.

Campers, tow vehicles and swap meet vehicles must display their parking passes at all times.

There is a quiet time in all camping areas from 12am until 7am. No big stereos and no noisy generators after this time. If you have a quiet generator Under 60 decibels you may continue to run them overnight but all others must be shut off during this time. If you have a noisy generator, build a box around it so that you don't disturb your neighbors. They will thank you!

Some electric is available in places, but not guaranteed, so you should be prepared with a generator.


 Tent Camping

There are several tent camping spots available along the tree line in the back along the exit road. These spaces will be available on the map and also have to be selected through the campsite reservation system. Your space is for 20x20 and includes 1 wrist bracelet and 1 camping vehicle pass. Cost is $100.00 for the entire weekend. All extra wristbands are $20.00 each for the weekend. No electric guaranteed and quiet time is 12am unless you have a generator that is 60 decibels or less.

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