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General Event Rules

Upon entering Eville Shindig and the Vanderburgh County 4H Fairgrounds we ask that you read and follow our rules.

First and foremost, since this is a public event, you must respect all other spectators, staff members and volunteers at all times, as well as participants' cars and property on the grounds.

Violation of this rule will warrant immediate expulsion from the event with no refund and no return.

Eville Shindig or any of its sponsor partners as well as the Vanderburgh County 4H Fairgrounds are not responsible for any property damage or liability from any accident at any time.

If we catch you without a placard we will ask you to register and put it on, if you still do not we will ask you to leave and never return. We want this to be fun for young and old. Minibikes are not allowed on the showfield at any time unless otherwise stated.

No private golf carts, scooters, UTVs, bikes etc. on the show grounds.

These are not allowed on the show grounds, however they are allowed within non-ammenity camping and swap meet areas. All motorized vehicles must be registered and insured by the operator with a valid license. No one under 16 and without a license is allowed to drive. Motorized mobility scooters and wheelchairs are okay with proper documents. The show field will be busy so the staff are the only ones allowed with carts on the show field. You will have to leave those at the inside gate entering the show field.

These rules will be enforced.

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Absolutely no pets at the show or on the grounds during this event. Not in the cars, not in the campers, not anywhere. Besides they wont have any fun while your having lots of fun. 




This is a family event and kids 12 and under are free. Kids are welcome, however it is your sole responsibility as a parent or guardian to keep an eye on your kids. This is not the responsibility of the staff or volunteers to do so. Keep in mind there are thousands of people coming and going all weekend so knowing where those kids are should be a priority . They should alsoo be taught to respect other peoples property and cars at all times. Please don't make us discipline your kids bad behavior.





We ask that no food and drinks be brought into the show field area and for you to keep your own food and drinks in your camping areas. This is a fundraiser for the Hadi Shriners and 100% of the proceeds go to them. They will be selling reasonably prices drinks all weekend throughout the show field. We will also have several food trucks and kitchens selling reasonably priced food during all times of the event; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Absolutely no food or drinks inside the auditorium Saturday night for Monsters Ball Halloween Costume Party. Shriners will be selling reasonably priced drinks inside the auditorium and 100% of the proceeds will go to them.




Parking is included in your wristband ticket price as a spectator. Please follow parking attendants to the closest possible parking spot at the time of parking. This is important at peak times, as getting in and out in a timely manner is important for all attendees. Parking in restricted areas or blocking the flow of traffic or fire and emergency crew might result in the towing of your Vehicle.

All vehicles but show vehicles must park in general spectator parking and come in gate 2 or 3. If you have the space to park your tow vehicle on your campsite you may do so, as long as it is not blocking fire lanes, traffic Lanes or any other restricted areas. You may also park your show car at your campsite as well if its not blocking any of the aforementioned areas.

If your tow vehicle for the vintage camping section does not meet show criteria you must unhook and park your tow vehicle in spectator parking. If your tow vehicle is vintage and you keep it with your vintage camper they must not block any fire lanes, traffic lanes, or restricted areas. Campers' tow vehicles and swap meet vehicles must display their parking passes at all times.

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